Mongolian Recipe: Marmot Boodog

Mongolian Recipe: Marmot Boodog

A freshly killed marmot is separated from intestines and cleaned. Then, a prepared marmot is filled with preheated hot stones and tightly sealed. The marmot meat is cooked by the heat of stones from inside. try this nice Mongolian Recipe...!

Mongolian Recipe Ingredients (5 servings):
  • 1 medium marmot
  • Salt
Clean the marmot, separate the intestines and slightly remove hair from the skin. Rub the inside with salt, fill up with hot stones and seal tightly. Additionally, roast the marmot on slow open fire or with a gas burner. Usually, Mongolians do not use seasonings in order to keep the specific taste of marmot meat. When the cooking is done, the stones are pulled out, rolled in hands, the meat is cut into pieces and the Mongolian recipe marmot is ready to serve hot...enjoy it !

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